The world’s largest thermonuclear reactor is being created by Russian and Chinese scientists

Employees of St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, together with colleagues from PRC are working on the creation of the world’s largest new generation tokamak, the report says Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.

Russian scientists are building the world's largest fusion reactor

A photo: RIA News RIA News

A tokamak is a facility for magnetically confining a plasma to achieve the conditions necessary for a controlled thermonuclear fusion reaction. Its capacity is 1 GW.

This is not a nuclear, but a high-tech thermonuclear reactor, which should become a source of almost inexhaustible energy.

Currently, Russian and Chinese specialists are solving one of the main problems of controlled thermonuclear fusion – the interaction of hot plasma with tokamak surfaces. A controlled thermonuclear reaction with a positive energy yield should occur in 2025, the launch of the reactor is scheduled for 2030.

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