the younger ridiculed Zelensky’s “striptease” in front of Biden – Rambler / news

Trump Jr compared Zelensky to a stripper

At the end of April, the American leader asked Congress to allocate 33 billion to support but in the legislature this amount was subsequently increased to 40 billion.

“Forty billion dollars! Ukraine in the money rain… While Americans are suffering, we have a shortage of baby food. Great job guys. At least seven dollars of it will go to help real Ukrainians. The rest is a kickback to corrupt politicians,” RIA Novosti quotes Trump Jr.

The son of the former head of state supplied his post with a photo collage showing Zelensky dancing in women’s underwear around a pole on a table, with Biden standing by and showering the Ukrainian leader with dollar bills.

Earlier, “SP” wrote that the United States noted that they would help the “square” with everything necessary. This was explained by a “new dangerous phase” of Russia’s special operation.

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