Therapist Novikova called diseases in which you should refuse to travel to the country

According to the doctor, country rest is not suitable for those who suffer from chronic non-communicable diseases.

For example, this applies to those who suffer from heart disease, vessels or respiratory system. The fact is that such people, as a rule, are forced to regularly take certain medications and periodically check their health with a therapist. For such people, being cut off from medical care means putting their health in serious danger.

What to do if you suffer from a particular chronic disease, but are currently in remission and want to go to the country? Here is an example plan of action:

  • Visit your doctor and get advice

  • If necessary, undergo an additional examination;

  • Prepare a supply of necessary medicines.

And who definitely shouldn’t go to the country? how notes Novikov, the trip should be postponed during exacerbations of chronic diseases.

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