They tried to kick a child with autism out of the park on Elagin Island June 23, 2022 – Society – Saint-Petersburg News

An employee of the Central Park of Culture and Education on Yelagin Island tried to kick a child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) off the pier. The violator has already been promised to be fired, the boy’s mother, Lyudmila, told Fontanka on June 23.

According to our interlocutor, she and her five-year-old son wanted to sit on the pier for a while – this was part of the traditional “ritual” route that children with ASD often come up with for themselves. Usually Lyudmila pays for the fare, but she and her son do not go for a ride: he just sits on the pier and looks at the water.

Fontanka reader Lyudmila

“I didn’t have time to say that we just want to sit, and now I’ll pay for everything and we’ll put on vests, when a broom grew up in front of us and a guy of about twenty who started yelling. He immediately began to kick us out, waving a mop in front of the child, hit him several times in the legs. My son was very frightened, fell, began to sob and roll along the pier, but I could not carry him away – he is already quite big, ”the Petersburger is indignant.

Lyudmila claims that the park employee suggested that they “get out”, and when he heard that the child had autism, he said that “such children should be euthanized” and “there is nothing to fill the planet with sick people.” The boy’s mother adds that the cashier at the boat station advised them to stay at home, “since the child is like that.”

Lyudmila left her phone number to the cashier, and the director of the park called her back: he apologized and promised to fire the employee.

“It is extremely difficult to comment on this situation, because we are fighting for an accessible environment in the park, and our employees, security guards, and ticket collectors have taken special courses on working with children and with all segments of the population. Unfortunately, we are not aware of such an incident, ”the press service of the Central Park of Culture and Culture told Fontanka.

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