three golden rules to save taste and goodness

Tea lovers, as a rule, have a whole collection of different varieties at home: black, green, pu-erh and others. And the main question that many people ask is how to keep the freshness of tea leaves in order to enjoy high-quality tea for a long time?

According to a Certified Tea Specialist Kyle Stewart, the taste and integrity of the drink can be affected by improper storage. Dried tea leaves lose about 97% of their moisture and become susceptible to environmental humidity and odors as a result, the expert says. That is why the worst place to store them is the refrigerator.

The expert spoke about the three golden rules for storing tea.

sealed containers

Regardless of how the tea is packaged, it should be stored in tightly closed airtight containers, writes the site Wellandgood. This will keep the leaves from absorbing other odors, such as spices and seasonings.

dark place

The next rule to remember is to store in a dark place. Sunlight has an adverse effect on tea leaves, damaging them, which will undoubtedly have a bad effect on the taste and benefits of tea.

cool place

Tea should be stored in a cool dry place. Like sunlight, heat can spoil the leaves, impairing the taste and reducing the benefits of the drink. For this reason, it is not recommended to store tea near the stove or other heat sources.

As with everything, there are a few exceptions to the three golden rules of tea storage. This is pu-erh tea, which must “breathe” so that its taste acquires more and more shades over time. Matcha is another exception. It absorbs moisture very quickly, and Stewart advises storing it in the freezer in a container that has had most of the air drained out.

Black tea is a popular drink with many myths associated with it. Some believe that it is less useful compared to green. Many fear that dyes are added to cheap black tea. There is a widespread belief that black tea in bags is worse than leaf tea. “Profile” found out that in the myths about black tea is true, and what is a delusion.

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