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The garden can be not only functional, but also beautiful. How to make compact and comfortable beds that will decorate the site, said landscape designer Irina Lukyanova.

vertical vegetable gardens

Such gardens can be created both on a loggia and a terrace, and in small areas. For the organization of vertical gardens, the surface of the fence or part of the wall may be suitable.

“I advise planting plants in special modules that are attached to a fence or a special support. You can fill them with fertile soil or pour a nutrient solution – in the second case, the garden will be called hydroponic,” said Lukyanova. She reminded that plants in containers need to be watered more often than in ordinary beds.

Vegetable gardens in pots and boxes

This option is suitable for those who plan to plant crops in small quantities. Pots and boxes are easy to move, and the soil can be changed every season, writes Inmyroom.

Low beds with a border

You can also organize the space in the garden with the help of borders, which are presented in large numbers in stores. They are plastic and metal, the height of the borders is about 13-21 cm. The width of the beds should be no more than 90 cm, otherwise it will be inconvenient to weed the plants.

The designer advised to remove such borders in the cold season to avoid their deformation.

Tall wooden beds

A place for planting crops can be arranged with the help of wooden blocks, boards, wood cuts. The height of the beds in this case can be adjusted. “Do you want beds for centuries? Use larch with special impregnation,” Lukyanova advised.

Garden among paved paths

For paving paths and sites on the site, in many cases, road clinker (road bricks) is used. In addition, gravel and stone chips are suitable for covering the paths.

With the help of small elements, the level of the beds can be slightly raised and covered with fertile soil. This design is convenient in that it will be easier to deal with weeds.

High beds in dachas in Russia are a relatively new phenomenon, but some gardeners have already begun to use it on their plots. This type of organization of space is convenient for several reasons. How to create raised beds in the garden experts said earlier.

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