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Chihuahua.- The town of Palmarejo of the Minera it’s found incommunicado after heavy rains; the creek took away several vehicles and the current swept away the connecting bridge.

The inhabitants of Chinipas They classified as historical the level of water that accumulated, whose current swept away vehicles, two pick-up trucks, a transport van for mine employees and even a pipe.

Because of this very difficult situation, so far only material damage is reported in several houses that suffered flooding.

According to the rain report presented by the State Civil Protection Coordination, the municipalities that received rain on Tuesday and early Wednesday were Janos with an accumulation of 10 millimeters.

The storm caused the flooding of streams and rivers that flow into inland lakes or lagoons that once formed the vast Lago Palomas in northern Chihuahua, reported Alonso Méndez Torres, of Chihuahua Tiempo Severo.

In the Buenavista neighborhood of the Janos municipality, a hailstorm was also recorded.

Other municipalities that reported rain were Nuevo Casas Grandes, Basaseachi, Guachochi, Creel, Madera, El Vergel, Ascensión, San Juanito, Chinatú, Temósachic, Palomas, Flores Magón, Praxedis G. Guerrero, Témoris and Balleza. Over this area the chances of storms continue.

In addition to rain in parts of the north, northwest, west and southwest areas, it includes Juárez, Janos, Casas Grandes, Madera, Ignacio Zaragoza, Buenaventura, Namiquipa, Temósachic, Moris, Ocampo, Guerrero, Uruachi, Chínipas, Guazapares, Bocoyna, Urique , Batopilas, Morelos, Guachochi, Guadalupe and Calvo and Balleza.

note published in The Herald of Chihuahua

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