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TV presenter Churikova linked Ukraine’s victory at Eurovision with the news agenda

The song “Stefania”, with which the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra won the Eurovision 2022 in Italian on May 14 Turin, was worthy. But such a high result was also influenced by the news agenda. The TV presenter told about this in a conversation with Yana Churikova.

According to her, the voting results always depend on what is happening in the world.

There is no vacuum in the competition, so the conjuncture and the agenda always affect the result. On the other hand, it cannot be denied that the song is quite a worthy musical product. These two points do not contradict each other. But the Ukrainian applications of some past years are purely musically much stronger

Yana ChurikovaTV presenter

The Kalush Orchestra performs in the style of folk and hip-hop. The composition “Stefania” is dedicated to the mother of soloist Oleg Psyuk and all Ukrainian mothers. She was predicted to win, and she scored the majority of the audience votes.


given by Eurovision viewers to the Ukrainian group Kalush Orchestra

At the same time, Yana Churikova draws attention to the peculiarities of voting at the song contest.

“Eurovision scores are built in two parts. The first is the jury’s scores, and there the Ukrainian group did not win, the UK won there. And just the audience made Ukraine the winner, so what can I say – such is the popular opinion, ”said the TV presenter.

According to the decision of the jury, the Ukrainians took fourth place, but in the audience vote they received 439 points out of 468 possible.

The United Kingdom came second with 466 votes. The third was Spain.

This is the third victory of Ukraine at Eurovision. In 2004, in Turkey, the singer Ruslana came out on top with the song Wild Dances, and in 2016 the singer won Jamal with the composition “1944”.

Congratulations from Volodymyr Zelensky

According to the rules of the Eurovision Song Contest, next year the contest will have to be held in Ukraine. The President of the Republic Volodymyr Zelensky thanked the musicians for the victory and the audience for their high marks in his Telegram channel.

He promisedthat the Ukrainian authorities will do everything so that someday the competition will be held in Mariupol.

“Our courage strikes the world, our music conquers Europe! Next year Ukraine will host Eurovision! For the third time in its history. And I believe it will not be the last time,” the Ukrainian leader said.

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Words about support for Ukraine

At the end of the performance, the soloist of the Kalush Orchestra Oleg Psyuk asked to support Ukraine. This statement was regarded as a political statement, which is prohibited by the rules of the contest.

The European Broadcasting Union, which organizes the competition, considered that the words of the musician are of a humanitarian nature.

“We understand the strong feelings when it comes to Ukraine these days, and we consider the statements of the Kalush Orchestra and other artists in support of the Ukrainian people more as a humanitarian gesture than as a political one,” the message says.

Russia this year was not allowed to participate in the competition due to a special military operation in Ukraine.

Former music producer Joseph Prigogine proposed create a Russian analogue of Eurovision.

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