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Myasnikov from the “Ural dumplings” said that he wanted to record a song with Shatunov

Vyacheslav Myasnikov, a participant in the Ural dumplings humorous project, commented on the death of the former soloist of the Laskovy May group Yuri Shatunov. In an interview KP.RU he talked about the relationship with the singer.

Butchers admitted that the news of the death of the artist was a shock to him. According to the star of the Ural dumplings, he and Shatunov wanted to release a joint song, but did not have time to record it.

“[Выражаю] condolences to Yura’s wife [Шатунова] and his children. I read our last chat with him. I can’t say anything, tears are running, ”he said.

His colleague in the project “Ural dumplings” Sergei Ershov, in turn, recalled that in his student years he listened to the songs of “Tender May”, including the hit of the group “White Roses”. “Until now, all these songs warm the soul,” he said.

Ershov added that at some performances of the “Ural dumplings” Myasnikov made parodies of Shatunov. “Glory [Мясников] because it looks like him [Шатунова], and make-up artists still tried. And he sang in a similar manner, ”he clarified.

On the death of the ex-soloist of “Tender May” became known on Thursday, June 23rd. Shatunov died in Moscow at night in an ambulance. The cause of death of the 48-year-old performer became massive heart attack.

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