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Doctor Khavinson warned that ice cream leads to heart disease and memory impairment

Honored Scientist of Russia, Corresponding Member RASProfessor Vladimir Khavinson and Honored Doctor of Russia, Doctor of Medical Sciences and Professor Svetlana Trofimova On the air of the program “About the most important thing” on the channel “Russia 1”, they warned about the harm to health that ice cream can cause. The release is available on the platform “We are watching”.

According to experts, scientists have included ice cream in the top 5 products that shorten life due to the presence of vegetable fats in it. “This is both palm oil and other surrogates. This, of course, reduced the quality of ice cream, ”the doctor said.

The use of a large amount of such fats can provoke the development of various diseases. Among them, Khavinson included diseases of the cardiovascular system. Also, a popular dessert can impair memory. “The fact is that ice cream contains a huge amount of sugar. Numerous studies have been conducted that have shown that a large concentration of sugar impairs cognitive abilities, ”Havinson emphasized.

Another negative health effect could be being overweight, experts warned. “When we consume large amounts of fats and sugars, our microflora changes and our immune system deteriorates. This, in turn, can provoke the emergence of a number of age-associated diseases, such as diabetes, cancer,” Trofimova warned.

In addition, ice cream is an aggravating factor in the development of infectious diseases, Khavinson concluded.

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