UK imposes new sanctions against Russia

New sanctions against Russia
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New UK sanctions on Russia include a ban on the supply or delivery of foreign exchange, technology and oil-refining goods, the import and purchase of income-generating Russian goods, and a number of other measures. This was announced on Thursday, June 23.

According to information published on the British government websitethe new restrictive measures include “a ban on export, supply and delivery, provision and transfer (and related technical assistance, financial services, funds and brokerage services)”:

  • Goods and technologies related to chemical and biological weapons.
  • Goods and technologies for oil refining.
  • Products and technologies related to the maritime sector.
  • Income-generating goods that originate or are shipped from the Russian Federation.

In addition, a ban is introduced on the export to Russia or on the use on Russian territory of pounds sterling or EU-denominated banknotes. A ban has also been introduced on “providing access to, supplying or delivering such banknotes to a person associated with Russia, and (prohibition) on providing access to the use of such banknotes in Russia.”

It also introduced a ban on the export to Russia or for use in the territory of the Russian Federation of jet fuel and fuel additives, a ban on the provision, export and supply (both directly and indirectly) of such products to Russia or for use in the country (including related technical assistance, financial services, brokerage).

After the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the UK has repeatedly added to the list of sanctions against the Russian Federation. In May, London introduced new package of anti-Russian sanctions, which included the imposition of import duties and a ban on the export of goods worth £1.7 billion. In addition, the ban on exports affected goods worth £250 million, including plastics, rubber and machinery. This is about 10% of all British exports to Russia in 2021. The UK has also imposed sanctions. in relation to a number of Russian airlines and Russian citizens.

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