“Ukraine counts on foreign aid.” Why is Kyiv storming a tiny island in the Black Sea

Authorities continue to make attempts to return the Zmeiny Island in the Black Sea, which was occupied by the Russian army during a special military operation. About the strategic importance of the island – in the material “Gazeta.Ru”.

The Russian army occupied Snake Island in the early days of a special military operation in Ukraine. The garrison, consisting mainly of Ukrainian border guards, preferred to surrender after warning fire from the ships of the Russian fleet. At the same time, according to Ukrainian media, a few days before that, part of the military personnel had been evacuated.

Ukrainian border guards had a Burevestnik-1 radar station on the island with a detection range of large sea vessels of 40 nautical miles (slightly more than 74 km). This equipment allowed them to observe both the sea and the mouth of the Danube – to the coast from Serpentine 35-40 kilometers. The island is very small. Its territory is only 20 hectares (for comparison, the area of ​​the Moscow Kremlin is 27.5 hectares).

Official representative major general stated that made an attempt to seize the island on the eve of May 9 and it allegedly “ended in disaster for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

“This adventure ended in disaster for Ukraine. The thoughtless PR campaign of the Kyiv regime to seize Zmeiny Island on the eve of Victory Day led to the senseless deaths of more than five dozen Ukrainian militants and military personnel of the elite units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the loss of four aircraft, ten helicopters, three boats and thirty unmanned aerial vehicles, ”the Russian military said. department.

The failure in the attempt to return the Snake was recognized in Kyiv. Moreover, they do not exclude a new assault in the future.

The head of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (GUR) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kirill Budanov, said that “Ukraine is categorically not satisfied with the state of affairs when Snake Island is not controlled by us.” He explains this by saying that we are talking about “a strategically important point that opens trade sea routes for Ukraine and provides additional opportunities for the supply of weapons from the West.”

“Snake Island is, first of all, a good observation post. In Soviet times, a radar company of the air defense troops and a special detachment of the coastal surveillance system of the Navy, which were equipped with the latest means of radar surveillance, were located here, – a military expert, captain 1st rank of the reserve told Gazeta.Ru . – Their task was to cover the approaches to Odessa from the sea and control the airspace in this region. Followed the activity . Then Serpentine, figuratively speaking, looked the other way, and the Ukrainian military already provided for the interests of the North Atlantic Alliance.”

The expert believes that it is theoretically possible to place Russian radar surveillance stations on Zmein.

“They will monitor the sky of Romania, which is used as a transport corridor for the supply of foreign weapons to Ukraine. Monitor the coastal and marine situation and actually close the waterway in the direction of Odessa, ”said Makarov. At the same time, he separately noted that such a deployment is “rather risky due to Ukraine’s attempts to constantly attack the island.”

In the summer of 2021, President Zelensky visited the island, from where he led the exercises of the Ukrainian fleet.

“It is impossible to concentrate any significant forces on this island, both in terms of equipment and personnel, it is impossible to equip warehouses with ammunition. There is no airfield on the island, only helicopters can land, there are no moorings for large ships. But as an observation and headquarters post near Odessa and the coast of Romania, it is quite suitable, reconnaissance drones can again be used from here, ”a military expert told Gazeta.Ru .

The expert added that the strategic importance of the Serpentine precisely in its location.

“This is the key to the river gates of the southeastern part of Europe – proximity to the Danube Delta allows you to block the passage of ships that use this river. Therefore, Ukraine will do its best to regain control over Zmein and will rely on foreign military assistance. I doubt that the NATO armies will support Kyiv precisely with the use of their armies, but the West will certainly increase the supply of weapons, ”Shurygin summed up.

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