Uzbek migrants leave Russia for Western countries

Usman Baratov, president of the interregional Uzbek community, a member of the Committee for Civil Rights, said in an interview with the radio station “Moscow Speaks”that citizens of Uzbekistan are leaving Russia for other countries.

Uzbek migrants leave Russia for Western countries

“There are a certain number of people who leave for various reasons. Someone for family reasons, someone is not satisfied with the prices here. Therefore, there is some kind of outflow,” Usman Baratov emphasized.

He noted that “there were more janitors with Slavic appearance on the street, traditionally there were more people of Asian appearance.”

Baratov said that there is a “dead end” in Uzbekistan, so labor migrants do not return home, but “go to Western, European countries, Canada, Australia, America.”

Chairman of the “Union of Tajiks of Russia” , as well as the head of the interregional public organization “Kyrgyz Union” Abdygany Shakirov, in turn, clarified that they do not record a massive outflow of migrants from the Russian Federation. They also reported that “in Russia there are enough jobs for everyone.”

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