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In case of the teacher who shot the father of her child and then he took his own life in front of the little boy in a DIF of Morelos exposed a type of violence that is rarely talked about in our country, but that is more common than is believed, we are talking about vicarious violence.

According to the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), numerous groups of women in our country identify themselves as victims of vicarious violence not only by relatives or acquaintances but also by various authorities.

It is for the above that today we explain the meaning of this type of violence and how you can detect it.

What is vicarious violence?

According to the CNDH, vicarious violence is that form of violence against women in which their sons and daughters and significant others are used as a means to harm or cause them suffering, and that it is generally perpetrated by the parents of the children in cases in which the aggrieved decide to end their relationship or denounce the violence perpetrated against them.

In vicarious violence, behaviors of family, physical, psychological, gender, economic, patrimonial and institutional violence.

In the most serious cases, vicarious violence can cause such suffering that the person can end his life, cAs in the case of the teacher from Cuernavaca, Morelos.

Who exercises vicarious violence?

In most cases it is the family itself that generates this type of violence, however, the authorities can also exercise it indirectly.

Those authorities for the prosecution and administration of justice, for the protection of children and adolescents, and jurisdictional authorities that hear these cases and fail to preserve the rights of the victims also generate vicarious violence.

And it is that many times the decisions made by these authorities lead to the absolute loss of contact between mothers and their sons and daughters, violating their rights to live as a family and have a healthy comprehensive development.

How to detect vicarious violence?

Vicarious violence in families can be detected through:

  • Physical and psychological damage to the children to make the mother suffer.
  • With a forced separation or illegal abduction of the children.

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  • The aggressors are shown as nice people in front of society but inside the house they are violent, dominant and obsessive people.

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