Virologist assessed the threat to Russia from monkeypox

There are already more than 3 thousand cases of monkeypox that have arisen in the world, this has never happened. At the same time, for a pandemic disease, this number is not so large, but these cases are recorded in many countries … It is not super difficult to cope with monkeypox. Patients need to be carefully identified. The disease there is quite clear, it can be easily diagnosed. Especially if you keep in mind that there is such a disease in the country. Monkeypox has not penetrated to us. I think that there is nothing terrible for Russia in this infection.

If cases of monkeypox are detected, people are simply isolated, the patient is cured, he is in quarantine for a certain time. This may take about three to four weeks. This quarantine helps. I don’t think there’s a need for widespread vaccination.

Smallpox is transmitted both by airborne droplets and by contact. But unlike, say, coronavirus, the infectious dose is much higher. Transmission occurs only through close contact between an infected person and an uninfected person. Monkeypox is less dangerous in every way (compared to coronavirus). And it does not give much lethality, and so far it has not been reported that someone has died in developed countries. This means that the medicine of the countries of Europe, North America, the medicine of Australia copes with this disease, they do not die from it there.

As for Africa, people there are dying from this disease. There are two factors that cause this to happen. The first factor is that people who die are infected by animals. People can get infected from a monkey, they can from rodents. And when this virus enters the human body from an animal, the disease is severe. With subsequent transmission from person to person, it proceeds more easily. Therefore, in Africa, a fairly noticeable mortality. According to statistics, from 1 to 11 percent of infected people die there, which is quite a lot. The second factor: the level of medicine in African countries and in Europe, America, Australia is completely different.

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