Virologist compared monkeypox with a runny nose Russian news EN

Virologist Altstein classed monkeypox as a mild illness and compared it to the common cold

Monkeypox occurs in the diseased in a mild form, catastrophic consequences in patients after that do not occur. About it declared in a conversation with the radio station “Moscow speaking” virologist, professor at the Gamaleya Center Anatoly Altstein.

The specialist compared monkeypox with the common cold. Altstein also spoke on the decision World Health Organization (WHO) to declare an outbreak of monkeypox a pandemic. “People get a runny nose in all countries, however, we are not talking about a pandemic. For the concept of a pandemic, the disease must be threatening. In this case, this is not the case, ”the virologist explained.

In his opinion, it is worth strengthening the work on the treatment and prevention of monkeypox in African countries, as well as suppressing the spread of the virus in Europe, America, and Australia. Monkeypox will not turn out bad for humanity, the virologist concluded.

Formerly virologist Petr Chumakov informed that the conventional vaccine is effective against both smallpox and monkeypox.

June 22 World Health Network (WHA) announced monkeypox pandemic and stressed that immediate action is needed to reduce negative impacts wherever the virus is transmitted. The WHA added that monkeypox has so far been detected in 58 countries, and the total number of infections has exceeded 3,417.

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