Vučić accused the West of redrawing the borders of Serbia Russian news EN

Serbian President Vucic accused the West of redrawing the country’s borders through Kosovo

Western states say they will not agree with changing the borders of Ukraine, but at the same time they are redrawing the borders of Serbia, calling for the independence of Kosovo, the Serbian president said Aleksandar Vucic in broadcast TV channel TV Prva.

“They say they will never accept changing the borders of Ukraine even by a span. Truth? Instead, they will participate in the destruction of the national sovereignty of Serbia and tell us about Kosovo as the “heart of Europe” and a separate country,” Vučić accused the collective West.

According to the head of state, Serbia is protecting its territorial integrity and will continue to do so. He asked how Western states can expect the country to renounce these principles while urging Ukraine not to do so. “You demand to recognize us at any cost, and not to recognize them at any cost,” the politician reproached, in particular, the countries of the G7 (G7).

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“It is possible to change the policy of Serbia, but only with a gun at the temple, and not at my temple, but at the temples of our children. Threats do not bother me, if I die tomorrow, there will be railways, hospitals, as well as an independent and independent policy of Serbia, and no one can deny this, ”concluded Vučić.

May 14 German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock statedthat the G7 countries refused to recognize changes in Ukraine’s borders. She also said that the Group of Seven is ready to introduce new restrictions against Russia, its representatives and institutions.

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