Warsaw seeks complete withdrawal of the Russian Federation from the German oil market

Oil Oil production

In Warsaw, they called the condition for the start of cooperation with Germany in the oil refining industry. As the Minister of Climate and Environment of Poland, Anna Moskva, who is responsible for the energy sector, said, such cooperation is possible only if Germany completely refuses any cooperation with the Russian Federation “in everything related to oil.”

This statement was made by the politician on Friday, June 24, in an interview with the Polish Press Agency. As Anna Moscow pointed out, Poland and Germany have approached the final stage of preparing an agreement on cooperation between the two countries in the oil refining industry, reports TASS. In particular, it provides for the supply of oil products to Germany through the port of Gdansk, the expansion of the use of the terminal in Gdansk and its storage facilities.

According to the minister, there are business talks between the Polish and German oil pipeline operators. “But we are waiting for the final withdrawal of Russian shares from the refinery in Schwedt (there is a refinery of Rosneft PCK Raffinerie GmbH – approx. Profil)”, Moscow said.

She added that Germany had agreed to Poland’s terms. As the minister pointed out, Warsaw is ready to sign the document. Its content is agreed. Now Germany is assessing its needs.

Earlier, the German authorities announced that they were taking measures to ensure that the country became independent of the supply of energy resources from the Russian Federation. They indicated that they intended achieve the abandonment of Russian oil by the end of the year.

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