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Authorities will continue to support money and weapons, because they themselves benefit from it, writes American Thinker.

Washington cashing in on the Ukraine crisis

As stated in the media, “Congress will certainly approve the project on the allocation of aid in the amount of $40 billion, and soon this money will be in the pockets of arms dealers, intermediaries and even American politicians themselves. RIA News”.

The authors of the article noted that these funds could be used to solve the problem of the shortage of infant formula, which the United States has been particularly acute in recent years, as well as to combat drug trafficking, because many American teenagers die from an overdose.

Prior to this, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul blocked adoption of a forty billionth military aid package for Kyiv. He stated that the US cannot save Ukraine by dooming its economy.

Newspaper VIEW wrotewhy the struggle for Ukraine is more important for the US than World War II.

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