We repel annoying insects and pests: repellent plants for a summer cottage

Castor plant

castor oil


Annoying insects can spoil any long-awaited vacation at their summer cottage. Hordes of mosquitoes, flies and wasps do not allow him to be complete. But pests are a different story. This is a real headache for gardeners and gardeners. We tell you which repellent plants will help drive away insects and pests.

We fight hordes of flies and mosquitoes

If planted by the porch castor beans, you can get rid of mosquitoes. In addition, this fast-growing ornamental plant will become a real decoration of the site.

As for the flies, it will help in the fight against them tansy. These insects also do not like rue, but you have to be careful with it. The fact is that contact with rue leaves in the heat can cause severe skin irritation, writes Supersadovnik.

Drive away aphids and caterpillars

On the site you can plant and nasturtium. In addition to the visual component, nasturtium will also bring practical benefits. It repels whiteflies, aphids, Colorado potato beetles and cabbage caterpillars.

Ants are a headache for gardeners and gardeners. But it is not necessary to use chemistry in the fight against them. Cut off will help in solving this problem. mint. If you fill up approaches to food pantries with it, then you can save yourself from the invasion of ants.

Save yourself from the moth

The leaves of wormwood, rosemary, sage, lavender and mint are excellent weapons in the fight against moths. And it is better to use these plants in a dry form. You can prepare fragrant sachets in advance. You can use them not only in the country, but also in the apartment.

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