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“Izvestia”: the supply of Western howitzers will not turn the tide in Ukraine

For more than a month, Ukrainian armed formations have been receiving large-caliber Western artillery, which has already been sent to the front and is involved in battles. On the “successes” of Western howitzers in Ukraine tells military columnist for Izvestia Anton Lavrov.

According to him, the only “successes” were noted “so far only in terrorizing civilians with long-range foreign howitzers Donetsk”. And now it is clear that hope Kyiv that with the receipt of foreign artillery systems it will be possible to turn the tide and go on a large-scale counteroffensive, look unrealizable. — writes the author.

The observer notes that by the end of June, Ukrainian formations had deployed “at least 200 large-caliber artillery systems of NATO caliber 155 millimeters.” Referring to the data of Western reporters, the author writes that “for one projectile from the Ukrainian side, there are a dozen responses.”

The author recalls that in an interview with National Defense magazine, the logistics commander of the Ukrainian ground forces Vladimir Karpenko announced the loss of 700 artillery systems since the beginning of the special operation. “Official applications for destroyed equipment according to the version Russian military department much higher. In any case, it is clear that 200-300 artillery systems, albeit with high performance, are not able to fully compensate for these losses, ”Lavrov assures.

The expert assures that “far from all the transferred weapons are qualitatively superior in terms of characteristics to the lost Soviet property.” According to him, the old modifications of the American M109 self-propelled gun mounts have “a low rate of fire and not very advanced fire control devices.”

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In his assessment, high-tech howitzers such as the French Caesar or the German Panzerhaubitze 2000 pose a more serious threat, which “can move from position to position much faster after firing back, fire three to four times more shells per minute than the same M777, and have all the necessary equipment for accurate shooting. “But such guns were transferred in such insignificant quantities that they are simply not capable of changing something at the front,” the author sums up.

Lavrov notes that the supply of Western artillery was “smeared” along the front from Kharkov to Odessa. “There are all prerequisites for the fact that Russia will be able to even better debug the system of combating foreign artillery systems,” the observer concludes.

In June Concern “Uralvagonzavod” (UVZ) State Corporation “Rostec” commented a message about the capture by the Russian military of the French self-propelled artillery installations (ACS) Caesar delivered to Ukraine with the words “it will come in handy in the economy” and “send more”.

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