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The Ukrainian military armed the truck with the Soviet gun AZP-57

The Ukrainian military used a truck with an anti-aircraft gun at a training ground in the area Kharkov. The car was armed with the Soviet gun AZP-57. About it informs “Russian newspaper”.

The improvised combat vehicle is based on the chassis of the KrAZ-250 three-axle truck. An AZP-57 automatic anti-aircraft gun from the Soviet S-60 complex was installed on the cargo platform of the vehicle.

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It is noted that when firing, the car sways, which reduces the accuracy of firing. Also, the dimensions of the combat vehicle increase its visibility.

Work on the AZP-57 gun began in 1944, and in 1950 the gun was adopted by the Soviet Army. AZP-57 became the first Soviet field anti-aircraft gun with remote guidance. The gun uses fragmentation and armor-piercing ammunition of 57 mm caliber.

In May became knownthat the Ukrainian military received Swedish anti-aircraft guns Bofors Lvakan 40/60.

Earlier in the month Ministry of Defense of Russia showed on the video, the work of the calculations of the S-300V complex of the Western Military District.

In October 2021, in a convoy of Syrian government troops noticed Soviet truck ZIL-131 with AZP-57 gun.

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