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On the afternoon of June 24, four defendants in a major fraud case were brought to the Kuibyshevsky District Court for arrest. Among them there are names important for the city, but the most important ones decided not to wait for a taxi to Karavannaya.

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As it became known to Fontanka, the criminal case was initiated 2 years ago, the defendants are charged with different things, but equally tied to IC Nostrum, one of the major contractors of Vodokanal and Lenenergo structures, whose star, however, went down after the change of leadership in these companies and in the energy block of Smolny. Fontanka said that one of the most influential entrepreneurs in St. Petersburg for the last 30 years was connected with Nostrum through his wife Konstantin Goloshchapovas well as Kamil Maharramovwho was considered Goloshchapov’s man in the market.

The searches with the participation of the Department of Economic Security of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the UOMON took place on June 22. Four people were procedurally detained: former director of Vodokanal Yevgeny Tselikov, former head of the Center for State Expertise Vladislav Eremin, former employees of IC Nostrum Vyacheslav Grebennikov and Alexandra Egorova. For Yegorova, they are petitioning for a ban on certain actions, for the rest – about the arrest.

Who was found

Evgenia Tselikova accused of embezzlement using his official position and on an especially large scale. The investigation believes that in 2015 a group of people, in which only Magerramov is specifically named, decided that during the reconstruction of the supply collector to the Zelenogorsk sewage treatment plant Nostrum, it is necessary to secure a contract with Vodokanal and then systematically overestimate the cost of the work performed according to the documents. Magerramov allegedly had the opportunity to influence the competitive decisions of Vodokanal, and Tselikov was also attracted – then the deputy director, and then the director of the city monopolist (now, by the way, he is listed as the chief engineer of the Valaam Monastery). Everyone agreed to dump, as a result, the contract went to Nostrum for 755 million rubles. Then deliberately unreliable acceptance certificates followed, and at least 94 million rubles came to the subcontractor’s accounts. Maharramov, Tselikov and “unidentified” abducted them and disposed of at their own discretion.


As far as one can judge, the other three pass through the line of Leenergo, or rather, St. Petersburg Electric Networks JSC, which no longer exists separately. We are talking about the construction of two cable lines between substations. Formally, the object was called “KL 110 kV by the direction of the substation kV 99 “Nissan” – substation 11-kV” Kamenka “. Again, Magerramov and others, according to investigators, were involved in a similar scheme Alexander Egorovwho headed the budget department of Nostrum, engineer and technical director of the company Vyacheslav Grebennikov and Vladislav Eremin, who then headed the Center for State Expertise. Design and survey work for SPbES was carried out by a large company, Topfloor North-West, and both investigations are considered to be under the control of the accomplices. Accordingly, “Toflor” and related “Topskrid” produced design estimates for the future construction site, where the cost of the power cable turned out to be overstated.


However, this documentation had to be approved, and here the city Center for State Expertise comes into play, which was then headed by Eremin and from where, in general, few leaders have left without a scandal. Here is Eremina subsequently found guilty of abusebut for now, according to the investigation, he ensured the coordination of all the figures, knowing that they were nonsense.

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In parallel, Maharramov and the rest secured a contract for Nostrum with SPbES for the construction of cable lines, despite questions about experience and qualifications. Its amount exceeded 1.3 billion. The cable was taken from Sevkabel, but it was not paid directly from the accounts of Nostrum, but through the controlled LLC Resurvodostroy, the investigation found: there is no practical explanation, the police see here a way of artificially inflating the cost of the purchase. It was overstated by at least 211 million. This, in fact, is the amount of embezzlement imputed to Maharramov, Egorova, Eremin and Grebennikov in this episode.

The subscription does not shine for any of the four defendants, and this is due to many factors: The ability to influence witnesses, hide, and also with the expanding geography of investigative actions, they are planned in the Leningrad region, the Tver region, in Moscow and in Omsk. The less stringent request according to Yegorova (not an arrest, but a ban on leaving the house, using communications and communicating with someone other than relatives and emergency services) is hardly related to the gender aspect; more likely, with a degree of frankness during interrogations. There are more questions for Yeremin than for the others, since even after leaving the CGE he has not lost touch with the ideological inspirer of everything described. The investigation sees that Petrokholod, which is run by Eremin, is controlled by Kamil Magerramova through the former Maltese owner and the Europrom company. In addition, Eremin worked at LLC Investment Company Liga, where Maharramov was generally a director.

In addition, the investigation is confident that Maharramov was warned about the interest of the security forces and managed to leave for the United Arab Emirates, which he wishes the rest of the informed. Fontanka wrote about his connections with “Nostrum”Yes, they were not a secret for anyone on the market.

Who was not found

But, of course, the main sensation of this case is the search in the apartment of Konstantin Goloshchapov, whom the police also do not observe in the expanses of the Motherland. Official positions, such as the co-founder of the Russian Athos Society or the co-owner of the SMP-Bank of the Rotenberg brothers, do not convey scale. We can say that the level of his connections in St. Petersburg and Moscow was extremely possible. He was simultaneously considered the chief energy officer in St. Petersburg during the time of Felix Karmazinov and the chief representative of Russia in Greece and Mount Athos in particular.

Fontanka knows that Konstantin Goloshchapov also felt tectonic movements a couple of weeks before the latest events. These two weeks were spent on informal contacts, the main purpose of which was to understand the prospects. Compared with the editorial office, the hero of the forthcoming publication calls the editor-in-chief of the newspaper to clarify what his journalists dug up there. But this time the hero was not answered. And when they don’t answer like that, it doesn’t even make sense to specify at what level the go-ahead for silence was given. In tense silence, Goloshchapov and Kamil Maharramov decide to continue surveillance from afar, or rather, from abroad. They entered the apartments with searches carefully, but without personal communication.

Those who were caught were taken to the GSU at 145 Ligovsky on Wednesday evening. If we continue the analogy, the entire senior editorial staff gathered there, including the economic and criminal department. Cases with such defendants are a responsible story and classified as far as possible. So the security guard of the Center for State Expertise, where, among other things, the UEB and OMON raided, albeit clumsily, but unconsciously accurately answered the questions of the Fontanka journalist.

– Can you tell me what [внутри] It happened?

– No I can not.

Is this some kind of secret?

– Maybe yes. I’m not supposed to know what’s going on here.

The clouds were gathering over the group of companies affiliated with Maharramov for a long time, the tax inspectorate caught up with them. It was she who conducted the audit of the VK-Service company and decided to hold her accountable back in 2020. The company itself was founded in 2007 and has survived its golden age by now, now bankruptcy proceedings have been generally applied to it. But, for example, in 2017 its revenue exceeded 1.2 billion rubles, and in 2018 – 2.5 billion. Its co-founders then were Prime LLC Denis Belyakov and the already mentioned Europrom LLC, which was established by Kamil Magerramov. 47News called Belyakov a classmate of Sergei Matvienko, and they were definitely partners in Sagittarius-2 LLC. Magerramov, on the market, was considered a person close to Goloshchapov. looking after the energy sector of St. Petersburg since he left for Moscow. That is, conceptually, the ambassadors of the two city monarchies – Matvienko and Poltavchenko – cooperated within the same company, and for the time being everything was fine. A similar combination was in VIT LLC, now it is being liquidated.

The pool of Vodokanal contractors at that time was very tight, almost family. VK-Service, for example, cleaned networks using the hydrodynamic method in 2008 and 2015. Issued invoices to Vodokanal in the period 2015-2017 in the amount of 2.9 billion rubles. Moreover, according to the documents, it turned out that part of the work of VC “Service” was performed by itself, and some – by the forces of involved enterprises: LLC “Alvitek”, LLC “Promstroyresurs” and LLC “Nevskaya Industry”. Subcontractors accounted for 1.5 billion rubles. The IRS did not find anything that would convince them of the ability of these companies to fulfill such a volume. What can we say about the “second-tier counterparties”, which, in turn, were attracted by these controversial contractors: Equator, Capitalgroup, Elektrotorg, Hydroproject, Electrotrade, Lanos. Meanwhile, money circulated steadily throughout this vertical and sometimes went beyond it, including the notorious VIT LLC. In the conclusion of the tax authorities, the wording “creation of a formal document flow for the purpose of unreasonable acceptance for VAT deduction” regularly flashes.

And that is not all. Having traced the path of funds that VK-Service sent to contractors, the tax authorities unexpectedly discovered that it has a closed trajectory. For example, Promstroyresurs transferred the money received to SZSK and Intekhkom. And those, a few more floors away, addressed to Denis Belyakov himself, Elena Borokhova, whom the inspection calls Belyakov’s wife, Kamil Maharramov and Elena Panova, director of VK-Service. Belyakov himself called transfers addressed to him loans.

Interlocutors familiar with the 350-page work of the tax authorities say that the reading is entertaining. The point, of course, is not in the dreary chains of transactions; and not in numerous interrogations, where you constantly hear the remarks “the company is not familiar to me”, “I hear it for the first time”. Just at some point, the authors of the document begin to painstakingly calculate how many decades it would take for one or another subcontractor to clean a particular pipe section. Someone would need more than two centuries, if you follow the labor code and do not process more than 8 hours.

As a result, the inspectorate decided that, as a result of unconfirmed purchases of materials and services, it lost 227 million for VAT and 244 million for income tax from VK-Service. Well, the penalties accrued more than 90 million. The company managed to fight off only the last two points in arbitration . But such a volume of interrogations with wordings like “offered until there is a normal job, sit down, sign papers” cannot go into the sand. Around the same time, when the court decided everything in an arbitration vein, investigators came to Magerramov and Belyakov as part of a criminal case under article 199 of the Criminal Code – “Tax Evasion”.

The figure of Goloshchapov was not remembered then, but they are remembered now. Fontanka’s interlocutors from among the security forces cannot blame him for his desire to territorially move away from the epicenter of events. Recognizing the indirect nature of the questions to him, they believe that today he would have been brought to the Kuibyshev court with a request for arrest. This setup is more serious than any loans given to oneself by oneself, or an overpriced cable. Further the field for versions opens boundless.

Nikolay Kudin,

Photo: Andrey Bok/

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