What is the salary of Beglov and the deputies, it became known on June 23, 2022 – Vlast – Saint-Petersburg News

Starting from 2023, payments to the governor of St. Petersburg, deputies of the Legislative Assembly and city officials will increase “for special working conditions”. The corresponding bill by Alexander Beglov was adopted by the parliament at a meeting on June 23 in the first reading.

The bill was introduced by vote. For the governor himself, the monthly allowance for special working conditions from January 1, 2023 will increase from five to seven salaries. For the same merits, payments to deputies of the Legislative Assembly, officials and members of the city election commission will increase from four to six salaries.

In addition, payments to civil servants will increase from six to eight salaries.

“This is the last [в повестке заседания парламента] bill, and it’s about good. Sukhenko presented the initiative from the podium.

Communist Irina Ivanova said that Sukhenko’s information differed from that reported by Vice Governor Alexei Korabelnikov. The deputy listed the initial data: 9.5 thousand recipients, an increase in payments by 20% and falling budget revenues of about 700 million rubles. If you divide this amount by the number of recipients and by 12 months, the average increase will be 6 thousand rubles per month. “I have a question: either the shortfall in income is indicated incorrectly, and it will not be 700 million, but under 2 billion, or it is not 9.5 thousand employees. One of the two,” she stated.

Sukhenko objected: he did not say anything about 50 thousand rubles, but it was about 4-5 to 15 thousand rubles for the governor, and on average about 6-7 thousand rubles for the rest. He added that, if “memory serves him,” there are only 8.5 thousand recipients.

United Russia Mikhail Baryshnikov told how much they will add to the deputies of the Legislative Assembly: two official salaries is about 150 thousand a year.

At the request of deputy Boris Vishnevsky to explain the need to increase payments, the representative of Smolny in the Mariinsky Palace, Konstantin Sukhenko, said at the beginning of the meeting: this is necessary, since the existing level of wages is such that it “has a negative effect on attracting qualified personnel.”

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