When St. Petersburg car factories will resume work, July 29, 2022 – Society – News of St. Petersburg

The St. Petersburg automobile plants of Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota continue to remain idle. This was told to Fontanka by employees of enterprises and sources close to the companies.

So, Nissan, according to employees, will not launch the conveyor until the end of September. Former management of the Japanese company called the same terms, although it did not exclude that simple last until April 2023.

Hyundai has stopped production until the end of August, a source close to the company said. The press service did not comment on the timing of the resumption of production. The rest of the fleet of Hyundai suppliers (Sangwu High-Tech Rus, Sechzhong Rus, NVH Rus, Duwon Rus, Devon Rus, Donghee Rus, Shin Yang Rus) is in idle time with him. Another supplier, Piterform, has already begun reduce workers. According to employees, Hyundai itself is also thinking about a phased reduction in staff. “By winter, one shift will be reduced, after winter another one, by May 2023 there will be one shift left, in case the plant starts working,” the source said.

The Toyota plant, according to Fontanka sources, will not start until December. The press service did not respond to a request for downtime.

St. Petersburg automobile plants stopped in March 2022 due to problems with components that arose due to a special operation in Ukraine. Earlier, Governor Alexander Beglov said that the St. Petersburg authorities are cooperating with top managers of enterprises and “are ready to provide the necessary assistance at any time.” “We must pay tribute to the owners of our car factories – they behave very worthily. They pay employees at least 2/3 of the average salary. No one is laid off or fired except on a personal request,” Beglov added.

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