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The film “Joker” received a release date on the screens – you can wait for it on October 4 (although we are not talking about Russia). The picture will be called Joker: Folie à Deux (approximate translation: “Joker: madness for two”). This was reported on August 3 by the publication dead line.

Warner previously kept this date for the DC Universe film, without disclosing the title of the picture. So for the far-sighted, the release of the sequel to the cult film on this date did not become a sensation.

The name of the picture in French refers to a medical term meaning insanity of two or more persons (in Russian terminology it does not sound so beautiful – “induced delusional disorder”).

Previous picture “Joker”, also directed by Todd Phillips, was released in 2019. The tape collected over a billion dollars at the global box office and received two Oscars – for best actor for Joaquin Phoenix (he also played in the new picture) and for best music.

Earlier it became known about the failure of Warner Bros. From the film show Batgirl – the picture, filmed for HBO Max, will not be released at all – due to a change in the company’s guidelines for public screening and insufficient quality of work for theatrical release.

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