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In June 2022, 89% of the trips of St. Petersburg residents were to Russia, 8% to non-CIS countries and 3% to neighboring countries, Yandex Travel analysts reported on June 25.

There are fewer lucky people who flew on vacation this summer than last year: the number of trips from St. Petersburg decreased by 8%, the service noted. At the same time, interest in traveling across Russia among the city’s residents decreased by 15%, while the number of flights abroad, on the contrary, increased by 2.5 times compared to last June. Analysts attribute this to the lifting of covid restrictions and the suspension of airports in southern Russia.

At the same time, the average cost of a round-trip flight across the country fell to 11 600 rubles. Traveling abroad will cost more for St. Petersburg residents: the price of air tickets to neighboring countries has increased on average to 34 400 rubles, and to far-flung countries grew immediately by 87% – up to 49 400 rubles.

Among the tourist destinations in Russia, St. Petersburg residents often choose Sochi (the average price of a flight from St. Petersburg and back is 15 500 rubles), Kaliningrad (6300 rubles), Moscow (4400 rubles), Mineralnye Vody (13 000 rubles) and Makhachkala (12 700 rubles). Those wishing to go on vacation abroad more often bought tickets to Turkey on average for 39 700 rubles there and back. Flights to Armenia were also popular in June (35 800 rubles), Uzbekistan (26 400 rubles), Belarus (11 100 rubles), Kazakhstan (36 100 rubles), Israel (53 600 rubles) and UAE (57 200 rubles). Among foreign tourist destinations, St. Petersburg residents often chose Istanbul, Antalya, Yerevan, Minsk and Tel Aviv.

Russians in general will travel more around the country, according to the service. Flight statistics among residents of other regions differ little from those in St. Petersburg: 84% of trips go to Russia, 7% to neighboring countries, and 8% to far-flung countries. Most often, vacationers in June flew to Turkey, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, and Sochi, St. Petersburg, Moscow, Kaliningrad and Mineralnye Vody are in the lead among destinations within the country.

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