Where Yuri Shatunov lived before his death June 23, 2022 – Society – Saint Petersburg News

Neighbors of the soloist of “Tender May” spoke about the rare appearance of the singer in the apartment where he is registered. Shatunov was left with a debt on utility bills.

Correspondents of the MSK1 portal talked to the musician’s neighbors in house No. 5 on Kantemirovskaya Street in Moscow. According to Maria, Shatunov came to the capital only when he had concerts scheduled, and he mostly lived in Germany. The woman suggested that his current appearance was associated with a concert in Kaluga. Judging by the poster on the musician’s website, June was busy for him, and then a break in concert activities was planned until autumn – on June 17, 19 and 20 he performed in Kaluga, Lyubertsy and Podolsk. His last concert finished hit “White Roses”.

“Normal guys, everything is modest. They’ll come, they’ll stay, they’ll leave. When I came home with a stroller, he opened the doors for me, helped me to drag her into the elevator. It’s a pity. We saw him the day before,” told neighbor Irina.

The postman Ekaterina shared that since 2006, Shatunov had hardly appeared on Kantemirovskaya, but all documents, including court documents from the producer of Tender May, Andrey Razin, came to this address. The musician was left with a debt on utility bills for May.

In addition to journalists, Shatunov’s apartment was visited by the police.

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