Who better not to have sex after 60 years: doctor’s opinion

Sex after 60

Cardiologist and gerontologist Yuri Konev believes that people over 60 can improve their body condition and prolong youth through sex. During this process, a hormonal surge occurs – this, in turn, has a positive effect on health.

“And if this process is accompanied by an orgasm, then the benefits increase several times. Sex is a hormonal surge that helps prolong life,” Konev said in an interview with Sputnik radio.

On the other hand, sex at this age can be deadly if a person is diagnosed with hypertension.

“In this case, sex is a big risk to life. It is important to ensure that the load is not prohibitive for the body,” Konev warned.

Sexual activity in old age will not bring dangerous consequences, but on the contrary, it will have a positive effect on health. Sex, according to recent studies, is regarded as a significant criterion for vital activity. Why even after 60 years you need to have sex more oftenwhat unpleasant consequences are expected due to the rejection of it and what is the reason for the difficulties in sex, the doctors said.

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