WHO declares monkeypox outbreak a pandemic

WHO declared the outbreak of monkeypox a pandemic. This was reported on the website of the organization, writes “Moscow 24”.

WHO declares monkeypox outbreak a pandemic

According to the WHO, there are currently 3,417 confirmed cases of monkeypox in 58 countries around the world. At the same time, the disease is rapidly spreading on several continents at once.

“The outbreak will not end without concerted global action. Even with a much lower mortality rate than smallpox, if measures are not taken to stop the continued spread, millions of people will die and many more will become blind and disabled, ”the message says.

WHO called on countries and world health authorities to take immediate action. In addition, according to members of the organization, WHO should also announce the beginning of a pandemic.

Earlier, pediatrician Anton Ravdin said that children could be the main carriers of the monkeypox virus. According to him, children are easier to tolerate viral diseases, so the child can look healthy, but at the same time be a carrier of the infection.

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