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The tension between China Y USA has once again set off the alarms worldwide, this time before the possible visit to Taiwanfrom the President of the House of Representatives of USA, Nancy Pelosi.

the journey of Pelosi to Asia has provoked a strong response from beijingwhich has threatened retaliation against USAif the tour includes Taiwanurging Washington to stop official exchanges with the island.

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So far, the American delegation is in Singapore and there is still no concrete sign that they can visit Taiwanisland that China considered part of its territory.

However, John Kirby, spokesman for the White House National Security Council, said today that Pelosi has the right to visit Taiwan and the Chinese government would have no reason to turn that visit into a diplomatic crisis.

How is the conflict between China and Taiwan?

With the triumph of communist revolution, Mao Zedongbetter known as Mao Tzutung established the People’s Republic Chinaon October 01, 1949. Part of the military and administrative officials of a nationalist political party Kuomintang took refuge on the island of Taiwanwhere they established a self-governed regime.

Since then Taiwan has tried to maintain itself as an independent nation from the continental government of the People’s Republic of Chinahaving sporadic armed clashes and directing towards the inhabitants of the island, a speech in which they presented them as victims of North American imperialism.

From the start, Taiwan has achieved great economic achievements, being the most important nation in the manufacture of microchips used in the automotive industry, in the manufacture of cellphones and especially in the military industry.

Why is the possible world concerned about Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan?

the visit of Nancy Pelosi to the Asian region, has set off alarms with the announcement of a possible visit to TaiwanSince the Speaker of the United States House of Representativeswould be the highest-ranking official, number three in constitutional importance, to pay a visit to the island of Taiwan.

The doctor Aribel Contreras Suarez, coordinator of the bachelor’s degree Business Global on the Ibeoamerican Universitynoted that “Nancy Pelosi considered visiting Taiwanas China would have grown militarily and economically in part from the Southern Sea to the islands of the Peaceful”.

“The concern of USAis that it can be replicated in Taiwanwhat has happened between the relationship between Hong Kong and China , and that could reverberate for Americans geopolitics and economically in the region, since in addition to sharing the sea, the island is the largest manufacturer of chips Y semiconductorsthe new electronic gold”, indicated the internationalist.

“It would be unwise for Nancy Pelosi made a visit to Taiwan”, he pointed Contreras

“Since last week, media europeans They stated that even the government of Taiwan, they would not like to have the visit of Pelosibecause the last thing they want is to be on the radar of Chinaand with the current situation it would not be the right time to set fire to the spirits in the field international”.

To conclude, the expert maintained that “what she wants least, not only the regionbut the world whole is more strainmore crises than we are experiencing, such as the crisis energeticThe one of the grain and the economicalin view of this, ensures that Nancy Pelosi I wouldn’t go to Taiwan.

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