Why you should give up toilet paper once and for all: doctor explains

Prevention of hemorrhoids

Measures to prevent hemorrhoids are the same for those who have never had it, and for people who have been treated. First of all, you should reconsider your lifestyle. Do not abuse too fatty, sour or salty food. Maintain a balance between work and leisure. It is no coincidence that people with sedentary work are at particular risk.

So, 12 hours in a row at the computer, sooner or later, almost guaranteed to lead to swelling of the rectum and blood stasis. Therefore, it is so important to take breaks: periodically get up from the table and move.

Better – washing

From a hygiene point of view, a good way to prevent hemorrhoids is to replace toilet paper with wet toilet paper or wash. You should also monitor your stool: avoid frequent constipation or diarrhea. The stool should be regular and soft. You may need to adjust your diet for this. For example, add high-fiber foods to your diet and remember to drink enough water.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the absence of pronounced symptoms does not always mean the absence of the disease. Therefore, at least once a year, it is worth undergoing a scheduled examination by a proctologist.

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