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The Mexican Women’s American Soccer Team was scheduled to debut this Saturday against its similar team from Great Britain in the 2022 World Cup in Finland, however, the plans to compete for a gold medal were diluted, since the Aztec team could not travel due to a series of irregularities.

The International Federation of American Football (IFAF) announced that the opening match of the Mexican team would be canceled because the team is still in our country and has not been able to travel to Helsinki, where the competition takes place.

“The match between Mexico and Great Britain, scheduled as the opening match of the Championship, will be removed from the competition program for the time being, with additional information on the impact of the match cancellation on the program to be provided by IFAF at a later date.”

This would be the second participation of a female Mexican representative in the fair, after the bronze achieved in 2017 in Canada, defeating its counterpart from Great Britain, precisely the team with which it would open the World Cup.

Due to strike, the flights were not acquired

Since last July 24, the players who would participate in the competition gathered at the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR) of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports (Conade), with the aim of preparing for compete in the World Cup, and in the words of the head coach, Jovanni Carrillo, seek to win the gold medal.

The original plan for the women’s team was to travel from Wednesday, July 27 at noon, arriving first in Madrid, Spain, and from there departing for Finland.

However, the players were notified hours before leaving for Europe that there was a problem with the tickets for the flights to Spain.

César Barrera, director of the Mexican Federation of American Football (FMFA), stated in a statement that the flights had been set aside, however, due to the strike that exists in the German airline Lufthansa, the tickets were not liquidated as they could not guarantee that the destination will be reached.

But that, despite this, “the staff of the FMFA has put to work to find viable alternatives that provide security and certainty” to the women’s team, this being the last pronouncement of the president.

Players have other data

Through social networks, the players Paulina Díaz and Andrea Romero revealed that the FMFA did not actually buy any flight to get to the World Cup and that it asked each player to try to get to Europe on their own to participate.

According to their calculations, each player needs about 90 thousand pesos to make the round trip plus maintenance.

“We had the itinerary to travel on July 27, however, the day came and it was not achieved. At that very moment, the president of the Federation called us and told us that it was not possible to have access to the flights due to lack of payments, of budget and they begin to give us deadlines in which flights are supposedly being obtained, which are fulfilled , but the flights are still not counted. It reaches such a circumstance that they ask us as players to start looking for flights”, Andrea declared.


Campaigns for support began

After the current situation of the women’s team was made known, the support of various personalities such as Guadalajara film director Guillermo del Toro or boxer Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez has been requested through social networks.

In turn, the driver Laura Sandoval wrote on Twitter to President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to facilitate the use of the presidential plane to take the selected women to Finland.


Likewise, on Friday, friends and relatives of the players held a peaceful demonstration on Río Churubusco avenue in CDMX, at the height of the Mexican Sports Confederation (Codeme) as a protest against the mishandling of this situation.

“We found out on social networks and we are grateful for that support, but we did not do it, we are locked up in the CNAR and we do not know anything, we are only focused on the World Cup, nothing else,” said Ángeles Cruz, who forms part of the national team.

For more than three hours they blocked the road until a group of grenadiers came to break up the demonstration.

Is Conade responsible for this situation?

In the face of complaints on social networks, Conade spoke out through a statement to clarify that it is not responsible for the failure to transfer athletes.

The agency pointed out that everything that has to do with flight logistics and other aspects involving the international competitions of each federation, except when they participate in the Central American Games, Pan American Games and Olympic Games, is not their responsibility.

“The Mexican Sports Federations, of conventional and adapted disciplines; They are responsible for all the management and logistics for a national representative to participate in a national or international competition.”

Mexico was third in the ranking, behind only the United States and Canada, whom they would face in the second match if they beat Great Britain.

This second match would open the gates to bronze in the event of a defeat, but in the event of a win gold or silver would be assured.

For their part, the players continue to hope that their situation will be resolved and that they will be able to compete in the World Cup representing our country.

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