Xiu, Mexican creator of the copilli used by Tenoch Huerta

Xiu It is the name that Oscar Ramírez chose to identify himself with the world prehispanic. He is originally from San Juan del Río, Querétero, and has become known worldwide for the creation of the “Copilli”, an ear accessory inspired by the prehispanic culture.

“This accessory did not exist. There is no record in any codex, it is simply resignifying the feather art of Tenochtitlanpracticed by teachers called Amantecatl so that people can wear this garment like 500 years ago.”

The main inspiration of the accessory for Xiuis to remember the plumes that can be seen in the murals of the Mexican painter Jesús de la Helguera.

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The word “Copilli” translates as feather headdress from the Nahuatl language to Spanish and they are made with authentic bird feathers, which are collected during the molting season, so no animals are harmed in the collection, it is only a process of selection and cleaning of these feathers.

This accessory is obtained through the brand “children of the corn”, which he founded together with his friend Ali. Other items they offer are t-shirts and jackets hand-painted, recycled wood keychains, collectible figures of deities and death whistles.


Through the interviews Xiu he did with different artists throughout his work, he earned their friendship and with it he earned the invitation to the movement “tight power”, which fights against racism and works to make the issue visible in society and there he met different artists who were interested in his creations.

The first to use theCopilli” was the actress Maya Zapata. Then Fátima Molina for the Premios Juventud in 2021. By then, some media outlets named him the fashion accessory and finally, the actor Tenoch Huerta approached the young Mexican to be able to use the accessory in the presentation of ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘.


In Mexico people deny that there racismbut according to Xiu the racism that exists is one of assimilation, certain features of people, like white skin over dark skin “that exists, it’s real, it rains on me every day. I have to show that it exists, we can’t deny it and we have to learn about it”

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Despite everything, what follows Xiu is to follow innovating “It is important that people believe in Mexicans. That people trust their Projects and in their talents. That we will continue doing more things so that at some point San Juan itself benefits.”

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