Zelensky said he was tired of the topic of the war in Ukraine Russian news EN

President of Ukraine Zelensky said that Ukrainians are tired of hostilities

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky said that the regions of the country, which are in relative safety, are also tired of the topic of hostilities. The head of state is quoted TASS.

“People forget, and in other states there is war weariness, also in Ukraine, those who do not come under fire, they forget what needs to be done,” the Ukrainian leader said.

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson declaredthat despite the fact that people around the world are already tired of listening to the news and experiencing the consequences of the conflict in Ukraine, this topic is extremely important.

The British leader noted that London, together with other states, is ready to continue helping Ukrainians. At the same time, according to him, the West should not impose any views on the inhabitants of the country, since they must decide for themselves what actions they should take in the current situation.

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