nik GTA VI started a wave of solidarity, in the middle of the working versions of the games

The hacking flow on the Rockstar studio is without a doubt one of the biggest data breaches in the history of the gaming industry. Tens of minutes of footage from the working prototypes have become public, from which a lot of details can be found out about Grant Theft Auto VI, which has been written so far and is shrouded in mystery (for more see n link about this case).

that the development of a game behind the creation of graphics is nonsense, prove, for example, the development of the hit God of War.

Even when people sympathize with the popular studio Rockstar and realize that these are working documents that should never have been prepared for the public, it goes without saying that there is a smart person who diligently analyzes them and then deduces the wrong animals from them.

One such self-proclaimed social media expert shared his opinion that the game will be a hit. According to him, after all these years of work, the graphics have to be finished, because this is the first time I have any development.

The Internet can tolerate anything, but whenever this fool started trending on Twitter, a number of developers came to Rockstar’s defense and backed up their arguments that it was god-awful nonsense by sending the first prototype of their games. And they are really interesting, because some of the greatest legends of the gaming industry also entered the discussion.

For example, this is what the famous chase in the dungeons from Uncharted 4 looked like (nae review) for a long period of time.

Control (nae review) is one of the nicest games of recent years, but not long before release it looked like this:

Those years before completion, he remembered the pirate hit Sea of ​​Thieves (nae review) spe first attempts at MMORPG:

The current hit Immortality collected one award after another, but after two years of development it looked like this:

Even the deleted Playstation exclusives did not look different from the meeting. See you Horizon: Zero Dawn (nae review):

Or God of War (nae review):

Recognize in this abstract art one of the best-selling games for the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 3 (nae review) would probably be good for anyone:

Author of the popular Power Wash Simulator (nae review) shows that, on the contrary, he dealt with graphics itself almost and at the very end.

Not even the soldiers were left behind, this is how, for example, one of the first versions of the train hit Mashinka looked like (see n line):

I’m surprised that the author of the book prefers to delete his stupidity, right?

Every day people who infer some kind of animal from similar people are simply out of the loop and definitely can’t even be called fans. On the contrary, I’m learning code like anyone else. Recently, we have been able to change, for example, some of the character scenes from The Last of Us 2, which simply could not work when taken out of context (see n line).

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