Nmeck battle tanks to Ukraine? Chancellery No is opposed by the government itself

It is one of the big issues that Chancellor Olaf Scholz has been dealing with for the last month. What kind of weapons could and should Germany supply to Ukraine attacked by Russia? How many weapons are needed so that the country can defend itself, but the conflict has not spread beyond the borders of the country? And in these days, the most topical question must be the content of the supplements and that of the fighting technique?

Although Scholz’s government allowed her to use this technique, battle tanks have so far been avoided. We will not proceed alone, only with the support and consent of the international community, to the regular Scholz, most recently on German radio. It is also often noted that Germany is one of the biggest supporters of Ukraine in terms of military equipment and equipment, and that German self-propelled howitzers of the PzH 2000 type are the most modern equipment that Ukraine has.

It is precisely these weapons that are behind the current rush of the Ukrainian army, Scholz believes. But the modern weapons donated to the Ukrainian army are slowly running out.

Scholz’s government, like other NATO states, emphasizes the modernization of military equipment in the Alliance and the supply of old Soviet-type weapons, which are often stored in the Central and Eastern European states of Austria, Slovakia, and Greece.

tons of leopards are still in the fold

Even the United States, France or Britain do not provide Ukraine with battle tanks and all their military support. It’s something we talk about basically every day, to co-chairman of the ruling Social Democrats (SPD) Lars Klingbeil. Even he does not consider it appropriate to send battle tanks without international agreement, at the same time he does not rule out this possibility.

While the social democrats do not have free room for maneuver, it is especially the late Christian Democrats (CDU) and their leader Friedrich Merz who are very vocal in their support for the addition of heavy fighting equipment.

With the same demand, Scholz also met his own government. Minister of Foreign Affairs Annalena Baerbockov for Zelen, similar to the ruling party of the Liberal Democrats (FDP), since the beginning of the Russian invasion has been pushing for a quick and effective procedure to help Ukraine. First, Baerbock now again calls on the European and Allied nations to find an agreement as quickly as possible regarding combat technology.

Leopard tank at the Finnish Army Arrow 22 exercise (May 4, 2022)

This is especially true of Leopard 2 type battle tanks. Although they are not on the list, Germany has in recent days sent a number of weapons supplies, including two more salvo rocket launchers and fifty Dingo armored vehicles.

This did not happen without Moscow’s complaints. the more weapons Ukraine will fly, the longer the customs will be and the more sacrifices will be made, the Russian ambassador in Berlin, Sergey Nayev, is clear.

Bundeswehr: Let us have something too

In recent days, the German army has become involved in the complex problem. We understand Ukraine’s desire for these weapons for a long time. However, the supply of our weapons and ammunition weakens us. We can’t cannibalize our own troops like this, said Andr Wstner on behalf of the Bundeswehr.

According to him, supplies through arms companies are suitable, but not from such modest means of long-term underfinancing of the army.

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