Nvidia asks its partners to stop the production of the RTX 3090 Ti, its launch could be in February

This morning tweaktown revealed that multiple sources told him that production of the RTX 3090 Ti had been halted, which was confirmed by Videocardz few hours later. This pause is apparently due to BIOS and hardware issues, which would cause the RTX 3090 Ti to lag indefinitely to fix.

Something to note is that, although there were rumors that the RTX 3090 Ti would arrive on January 27 Next to the RTX 3050, showing the RTX 3090 Ti Nvidia did not reveal its specifications or its release date, which already sounded strange from the beginning since it is not something that Nvidia usually does. This could indicate that the problems have been coming for several weeks, although at the same time it is curious since some RTX 3090 Ti have already been seen in circulation indicating that the first units are already finished. Perhaps Nvidia decided to make some change in the graphics specifications or some hardware change such as changing the 21Gbps memories for lower frequency ones for greater stability, although it is not clear what the real cause of this pause in production is.

Considering that Nvidia promised to bring more news about the RTX 3090 Ti this month, we should know more about this card in the coming weeks. There we will know if there was any change in the specifications, or if everything remained the same and the problem was another. Stay tuned to HD Tecnología, since we will be communicating all the news that arises.

What do you think about this pause in the production of the RTX 3090 Ti? What do you think could be the cause?

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