NVIDIA “challenges” Apple and brings Fortnite back to iPhones through GeForce Now

Fortnite go back to iPhone via Nvidia GeForce Now. Although it is not the return of the game to the App Store, which retired the title in August 2020 by using alternative payment methods to those of the apple company, it is a way to play the popular Epic title again on Apple devices.

Nvidia GeForce Now’s Fortnite Closed Beta is limited access.

The new version of the game for GeForce Now was designed with smartphones and other mobile devices in mind. In addition to finding it in iOSwill also be available at Nvidia GeForce Now app for Android.

Users of Android They already had access to the desktop version of Fortnite through the Nvidia app, although now they can enjoy this new version with a UI designed for mobile phones, improving the experience. Although on Android you can still use alternative measures to load the native version of the game, since the operating system allows third-party apps, this is another option for those who want to play it on Android, and the only one for those who want to play it on iOS.

While you need the Nvidia GeForce Now app to play the game, an account with a paid subscription is not required. Likewise, Nvidia warned that there is a waiting time for users to register and that admission to the beta is not guaranteed since it is a closed beta. The enabled users will be able to access during the next weeks, and the invitations will be distributed progressively in different stages.

Nvidia also guaranteed that there will be many more games with mobile UIs soon, and that several developers have started to create touch control adapters for their mobile versions through the Nvidia service. streaming.

Currently, GeForce Now is the only streaming service where gamers can find Fortnite, but still It’s unclear how limited the beta will be, nor how long it will last.

What do you think of the Fornite beta on Nvidia GeForce Now? Do you think that one day Fortnite will return to iOS?

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