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Graduates of technical courses are rare, but there are those who go into practice after graduation. A large percentage continue to the high cycle. Companies’ demand for graduates from technical fields is ridiculously high. Check out the companies and contact the editors of the circles at your studio and download them for practice, confirms Deputy Governor for circles Pavel Klma.

His words are also confirmed by the editor who technically changed the wheels. They are the first to see in practice how to secure a job before the end of the round. Ignore companies without problems in the second year of high school graduation.

It very often happens that someone who completed an internship in a company works there after a while. As a bicycle, we cooperate with these companies and have signed memorandums with them. Even if the graduate is quite worthy, the demand clearly exceeds the supply of bicycles, explains Lenka Hrukov, editor of VO, S and COP Sezimovo st.

According to him, the technical distance is growing longer and the bike has an excess of competition. He doesn’t want to expand the bag capacity, and he can’t. In the case of informatics, we took every fifth applicant, while in the case of mechanical engineering or electrical engineering, we take only one applicant. However, in order to increase the number of students, we would have to have more teachers and the main capacity of the building, notes Hrukov.

The company ZVVZ built the uovsk center

The connection and cooperation of companies with circles is pointed out by half of the employers in the south of the Czech Republic who were interviewed, according to them, these circles function as a lie for young technicians. Thea in the Budjovice branch of the Groz-Beckert company, producing units for looms, cooperates with SO in Velen.

Mme became a high school graduate from there. We will then agree on their arrival, depending on whether they will be offered a position and one that we can take. We prepare such people for work at the internships, at Petr Justin, personnel officer at the Groz-Beckert company.

They also have a need for young graduates at the ZVVZ in Milevsko, which is a partner of the local SO and SOU Milevsko. For her, the company also built a practical training center, which can be accessed by a large number of bicycles. But we are also looking for further rounds, because it is not easy to find graduates. it often happens that after studying you go to work completely outside your field, says ZVVZ HR specialist Veronika Kofroov.

In Milevsk, due to the lack of personnel, do not be afraid to hire new graduates even for technically advanced positions. It is clear to him that it will take me longer to work, but we are trying to create such an environment so that it does not take them several months and they can get involved effectively, adds Kofroov.

But there are no exceptions when children from nine classes go to the technical cycle with the team, where they will start after school and graduation. They have experience with this, for example, in SP Volyn in Strakonicko, where you can come from the cells of the republic.

they are often the children of our former graduates who either have their own family businesses or have parents in industrially established companies. He then turned to them after a while. Due to high demand, we created a portal offering job offers to our graduates. At the moment, there are about a dozen companies, but we cannot meet their demand, insists Ji Homolka, the editor of the magazine.

Ministry project will help me

I am asking for a technical exchange of fields to support the pilot project of the Ministry of Bicycles, thanks to which I started teaching the subject of technology on several bicycles in the country three years ago. Z and M Hlineck in Tn nad Vltavou also joined the project, where every year they open the subject for 15 children from the second grade.

Thanks to them, we were able to equip the palms with good quality, and I eat them every year. We strive to get children into technology. We understand that the number of girls who come to us for a technical bicycle exchange is gradually increasing, according to the bicycle editor Zdeka Hjkov.

According to Deputy Governor Klma, however, it will take some time before technology will become a full-fledged item on the stock market.

Until the revision of the extension program is completed, it will not move forward. We have to realize that someone will have to be able to learn this subject. It is also related to other technically based subjects, such as mathematics or physics, adds Klma.

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