In an old-fashioned grocery store, the customer would pass a shopping list to a looking clerk or owner, and put everything in a bag. The service was very slow.
All that was changed by Clarence Saunders in September 1916. He looked for ways to speed up sales at his Memphis, Tennessee store.
He methodically arranged things in order to attract customers and created the first self-service store.
This is how retail changed forever. Until that day, the stores had kept all their merchandise behind the counter.
His Piggly Wiggly business had the store filled with 1,000 products, customers entering through a turnstile.
They then followed a path through the aisles and carefully chose the displayed products with their price.
People were happy because they could choose between different brands. Everything was new. Something that had never been seen before.
Saunders had employees in uniform and scales for the customer to weigh their purchase. Note: What do you want to change or improve?

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