“Omicron” 5 times increased the risk of re-infection with covid KXan 36 Daily News

The risk of re-infection with coronavirus infection is five times higher due to the Omicron strain. In the absence of revaccination carried out on time, the risk of getting sick increases. This was told by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko.

“I would also like to note such a feature of the Omicron strain: if earlier we said that the risk of recurrence was less than 1% (within 0.74%), now there have already been publications that in patients who had previously had a new coronavirus infection, the risk of re-infection increases up to five times,” Murashko said at a briefing.

In this regard, revaccination against COVID-19 is being updated: if six months have passed since the last contact with the virus (a person was ill or vaccinated more than six months ago), then a single vaccination should be given to protect the body, Murashko concluded.

Revaccination in Russia is carried out with all available domestic vaccines. It can be done with one component or two. The recommended revaccination period from the moment of the last covid vaccination is six months.

The Omicron strain was discovered in southern Africa last November. In Russia, the number of infected people is still less than a thousand people, but Russian Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova believes that Omicron will soon replace the Delta strain, which is dominant in the country. This happens most quickly in Moscow as one of the largest transport hubs, she concluded.

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