“omicron” can cause a 5-fold increase in the incidence KXan 36 Daily News

In Mordovia, the spread of the Omicron strain could cause a fivefold increase in the incidence of COVID-19. If now 55-60 new cases of infection per day are recorded in the republic, then during a new outbreak of infection this number may increase to 300.

Such a forecast was made at a meeting of the regional operational headquarters. According to the press service of the head of the Republic of Moldova, today there are about 600 people in covid hospitals of the republic. Another 2,000 patients with acute respiratory viral infections and mild forms of pneumonia are treated on an outpatient basis. But doctors are already preparing for the next wave of the pandemic – a new strain is spreading rapidly.

“If the situation develops in our country as in Europe, then in Mordovia there will be 300 cases of infection every day,” said Galina Lotvanova, Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of the Republic of Moldova.

The head of the Republic of Moldova, Artem Zdunov, stressed that, taking into account the installation of the federal center, the region should be ready to immediately deploy new beds for the treatment of patients with coronavirus. An additional covid hospital for 400 beds will be the former building of the children’s hospital in Saransk.

The Minister of Health of Mordovia, Oleg Markin, said that during the period of increased workload, medical students will come to the aid of doctors: 500 people will work in polyclinics as trainee doctors and assistants in audio monitoring of the condition of patients.

Municipalities will allocate additional transport to hospitals: cars will be transferred along with drivers.

The head of the Republican Ministry of Health again reminded that vaccination will help reduce the risk of infection with “omicron”. As for the booster vaccination, according to Markin, it is not necessary to wait six months for revaccination – you can re-vaccinate in four months.

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