On the morning of January 13, Muscovites will be able to watch the unique “diamond dust”

Residents of the capital will be able to observe an unusual natural phenomenon on the eve of the Old New Year. This phenomenon is called “Diamond Dust”. The leading specialist of the Phobos weather center Evgeny Tishkovets announced this on his Instsgram page.

As the meteorologist said, “diamond dust” is a state of the atmosphere when tiny ice crystals soar in the air. This phenomenon is caused by abnormal cold and high humidity, and in this duet intense freezing of water vapor will begin. By the way, residents of the city have already observed a similar phenomenon last December during severe frosts. “These tiny ice crystals, reflecting light, will sparkle like many tiny diamonds, which can lead to optical phenomena such as a false moon or sun, pillars of light, etc.” – he writes on his page on the social network …

Recall that residents of the capital will observe another phenomenon on Thursday: the reverse temperature course, when the low temperature in the morning hours – and will be about -20 degrees – will be replaced by an almost thaw in the evening. In the afternoon, by the way, it will not be lower than -5.

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