ONLINE: A soccer player plays the first bar duel in Iceland for promotion to the small Euro

From the left, Denis Dont, goalkeeper Matj Kov and Michal Fukala from the Czech under-21 national team.
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Both teams strive for the second start at the Malm Euro in a row. While they have participated in eight European championships, Iceland only two.

ONLINE: Iceland U21 – Czech Republic U21

utkn bar you can watch minute by minute

It is played at the Vkingsvllur stadium in Reykjavík, the capital of the Nordic island country. In addition to the cold weather and fierce opponent, coach Jan Suchoperk was able to endure, and he tried to adapt to them during the meeting in Prague.

He graduated from thorn schools, and then one in Iceland.

It’s a waste of everything and it’s getting dark. It’s not easy for us, the competition is very fierce and Bhav, the dog ecko advanced from the group and drew with the Portuguese. We are trying to advance them and I know we will succeed, declared captain Filip Kalo.

The fight for additional promotion to the ampiont, which will host Romania and Georgia in 2023, culminated in a rematch in Czech Budjovice.

European Championship U21 qualification

Bar 23/09/2022 18:00

Valdimarsson Barkarson, Thorkelsson, Olafsson, Fridriksson, Thorhallsson Magnusson, Baldursson, Thordarson Thorvaldsson, Willumsson.

Kov Jursek D., Hran, Vitk, Gabriel ambrek, erv Dank, Valenta, Sejk Fila.

Benediktsson Andrason, Bjarkason, Hauksson, Hlynsson, Omarsson, Oskarsson, Tomasson, Ulfarsson.

Jaro Cedidla, Fukala, Jursek M., Kalo, Knapk, Kozk, Souek, Vlek-

Decision: Gergo Bogr Balzs Szalai, Theodoros Georgiou (vichni HUN)

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