ONLINE: Litvnov is fighting for the first points with Liberec, Pardubice are leading in Pilsen

Tinec under coach Zdek Motek did not make an ideal start to the season. First at home, they did not stand up to Czech Budjovice (0:2), then in Pardubice they lost the lead four times and lost in extra time 3:4.

Karlovy Vary should even go for one point, they have zero points on their account. After the 1:6 debacle from Kometa, they didn’t even stop at Hradeck Mountfield.

In Karlovy Vary, it’s Litvnov, who didn’t score in those matches. In the duel in Budjovice, the kicker was excluded, Litvnov took nine two-minute penalties.

In the wildness of the war, we wanted to do something with the result, we just did rude, dishonest, undisciplined things. If we commit those fouls in that letter, don’t do anything about it, Vervy’s assistant coach Karel Mlejnek was angry after the match with Motor.

On the contrary, Liberec won its first match, despite the narrow and tight time limit. First in Hradec in extra time, then at home with Kladno in the run-ins. In addition, he caught up with the loss of his aunt.

So far, Boleslav will challenge 100% Czech Budjovice, who fell asleep in Tinca and then at home they always beat the Czech Republic – first Komet, then Litvnova. Opt is for the Motor klov duo Milan Gula, Luk Pech, who together scored a tinct point.

Boleslav will try Motor pemoci on home ice, the same as in the first game against Sparta.

After the training, Plze was unable to defend the American team in the form of Peter Mueller and Peter Krieger and lost the third match in ad. Now that he gave it to you, the messenger of Pardubice.

They, like Liberec, have four points in the table after two matches, they lost to Kladno in extra time and at home to Tinec.

The weakened Komet of Tom Kundrtek and Kim Strmberg, who have finger problems, are playing with Kladno. Ríti then wait for the first wave, then if they fell in the attacks, even extended.

Vtkovice kick off against Hradec, who lost in Vary after a home run against Liberec. Mountfield continued in the Champions League, where they defeated not only Grenoble but also Frlund. Vtkovice, on the other hand, helped Litvnov and Plzeň, and similar to Olomouc with Motor, they are now one hundred percent.

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