Online memories are created on social networks. They changed the grieving process

On social media, people are happy about their new jobs, women show off their wedding rings and, subsequently, ultrasound pictures of their expected offspring. What if in real life you are not exactly rejoicing, but mourning? How do people get used to showing their grief on social media and how do modern platforms promote the entire process of grieving?

Nhrobek in profile

One of the means by which people cope with the loss of a loved one on social media is to write and share a memorial and condolence on the country’s profiles. This includes young people who were drinking about a sibling or a friend who was active on social media before his death. Creating their own digital tombs is typically Facebook, where the profile of the country can be changed to a new world. In Russia, write a friend with your memories on his profile. Facebook refers to this option as the external profile process.

External profiles are also an imaginary means for the association of the family, friends and colleagues of the deceased, who, however, did not have to know each other at all. At this moment, the pain of loss and memories of the earth is all new.

On the contrary, people who have passed away in old age now dedicate a memorial photo and the entire gallery with sadness or sometimes just RIP. Those who are used to sharing their daily joys with the online community have also experienced their sorrows, so sharing the attention of their friends cannot be avoided.

A Twitter user often shares memories of a moment when the country is famous and the personality is widely known. For unexpected, surprising and somewhat tragic deaths, the hashtag with the name of the deceased is trending. Under it, you can read and browse the memories.

Inform social media

Socially, stop the process of grieving as well as an educational dimension and offer two unattainable and non-existent spaces for information and seeking professional help even for people who find themselves in a similar situation.

The current situation in the world has opened and compounded the darkness of the loss of close people in our lives.

A child’s dream must look the same as an adult’s. You have to know how to talk to them about death.

Remember that each of us grieves differently and all these manifestations are in the shoe.

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Through thematic profiles or groups, people can more easily access professional information from therapists or tips from other relatives. In particular, you can find support groups on Facebook, where people gather who have had a bath or a nearby hunter. In groups, you can go through the tips of others on how to deal with the situation from a psychological point of view, but also how to deal with many bureaucratic tasks.

You can get enough information on social media about how to approach death alone or how to help the survivors.

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The end of the taboo of death

While death was a common part of life and people had to die next to each other, in modern society, the last days of the dying are passed behind the walls of hospital rooms. It led to a lonely death, which, among other things, was reflected in the whole of society’s debates because death was not talked about. Social platforms thus help de-taboo death by allowing people to decide to talk about their loss and feelings on them.

In times of mourning, it is best to use social media, especially as a source of professional information.

Hidden shadow sidebar

With the use of social media, there is a risk of strong negative and hurtful emotions, which can haunt a person after the death of a loved one. For example, a woman who has had a miscarriage has an Instagram full of photos of expectant mothers, corks and newborn babies.

Sadness can be caused by the automatic functions of social media, which alert people to tweets added a year or more ago. The first to be captured on them was the happy event I had in my dream, which left me only to tear my wounds again.

As a result, even here, the general knowledge of the fact that the code of the main set applies. In the period of mourning, it is best to use social media, especially as a source of professional information, a means to share feelings with others, but not to rely on it as a way to fill your free time and to expect from them an understanding of your own situation.

At the same time, it is not appropriate to compare them with others in any way. The process of grieving is very individual and everyone has to cope with the loss for a different length of time.

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