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According to the results of the study, a third of Russians spend on Black Friday an average of 10–20 thousand rubles, almost the same amount (31%) leave 20–30 thousand rubles on sale. At the same time, more than half of the respondents admit that they are saving money for a sale: 44% start saving a month or two before Black Friday, and 13% make savings throughout the year.

Most often, at big sales, Russians buy small household appliances (32%), clothes (30%), household goods (27%), shoes (25%) and gadgets (24%).

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According to Ozon analysts, every fifth Russian tries to stock up on Black Friday for the future: they buy a large stock of household goods, gifts for future holidays, look after summer clothes and shoes at the autumn sale.

Russians’ spending on Black Friday fell by almost 40% amid pandemic

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On Black Friday, Russians most of all like to shop online – this is where 83% of respondents catch discounts. 43% of shoppers conduct sales on marketplaces with a large selection of products from different categories. A third of shoppers start to follow up on sale ads in advance, and another 17% add items of interest to their cart or favorites.

Another 40% of respondents go to specialized online stores on Black Friday, and only 17% expect sales in offline stores.

According to last year’s research by SberIndex, a feature of Black Friday 2020 became the fact that the growth in demand has concentrated in the online segment. Against the backdrop of the pandemic, Russians’ spending fell by almost 40%. In the categories of clothing and household appliances, the amount of purchases increased by 42 and 35%, respectively – Russians deliberately postponed purchases until the day of sales.

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