Pants brand with an unusual detail for 1.6 million rubles ridiculed in the network: Style: Values:

Luxury brand Bottega Veneta’s new bright green trousers have been ridiculed on social media. The relevant comments are published by the publication The Sun.

These are black cotton trousers with a high waistline, the legs of which are decorated with ostrich feathers and white beads. It is known that clothes made in Italy, presented in the assortment of the brand for 19.7 thousand euros (about 1.6 million rubles).

Potential buyers were amused by the unusual design of the trousers, which they began to write about in posts on social networks. For example, one of the users compared the pants with artificial grass. In addition, the thing reminded many netizens of various fictional characters: the Grinch, Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street and Orville the Duck.

In September the designer introduced holey socks came into fashion and amused the Russians. Japanese fashion designer and eco-activist Takayuki Fukuzawa published a blog post in which he spoke about the importance of sustainable fashion. According to the expert, if torn clothes become trendy, they will serve the owner longer, since he does not have to throw them away.

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