Parents will go to court for fake registration for the sake of a prestigious school

A hot topic is being discussed in parental chats in St. Petersburg: two mothers will be tried for fake registration certificates in the “necessary” area to place their children in a prestigious school. The prosecutor’s office has already referred the criminal case to the court. But many parents will not believe in any way: can the common tricks with registration for the sake of the future of their children turn into business?

As you know, according to the law, general education schools first of all accept children living in the assigned nearest territory. And only then, if there are places left, – other applicants. There is no excitement around ordinary schools. But real battles are unfolding for a place in popular educational institutions. In St. Petersburg, some residents of houses near good schools make good money on this – they offer their parents a fictitious residence permit.

The mothers in question tried to place their first graders in the general education school No. 80 of the Petrogradskiy district with in-depth study of the English language. Three children apply for one place. The registration documents on the nearest street, submitted by women, raised doubts, they were sent for verification. And it turned out that in fact their children live at other addresses that are not assigned to the school. The prosecutor’s office revealed these violations in the course of its own verification of the enrollment of children in educational institutions. The police opened a criminal case against the mothers under Part 5 of Article 327 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (the use of a deliberately forged document).

Residents of houses near prestigious schools offer fictitious registration to parents. They make good money on it

– As they say, if you save five kopecks, you will lose three rubles. I believe that the mothers realized that they were at risk by submitting fake documents to the school about the registration of their children in the assigned territory, ”Natalya Popova, a St. Petersburg lawyer, comments on the situation. – But they underestimated the risk, did not achieve the expected result, and even turned out to be involved in criminal cases. However, there is a high probability that the parents will get off with a fine of up to 80 thousand rubles and will continue to comply with the law.

On the websites of St. Petersburg courts there are a lot of various cases of forged documents. But in relation to parents with a fake residence permit near schools, this is still a rarity.

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